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Buy Pakistani / Indian Grocery Online Australia Wide Delivery including, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and more.

Grocery shopping is every family’s basic necessity. At the start of every month, almost all the people go to supermarkets to shop for their grocery goods. These include snacks, food items, spices, breakfast items, beverages and rice etc. Every month, one requires to top-up the pantry with primary products like rice, flour, sugar, milk etc. Condiments and spices are also a part of the monthly grocery. Moreover, one need to get house cleaning items and laundry products along with some pet food if you own a pet. This whole exercise of monthly grocery shopping rush is very hectic and time consuming as the supermarkets are massive and there are heaps of sections for different categories. This involves a lot of time and energy. We understand how challenging it can be to spare time and do grocery shopping. Especially for immigrants living in Australia, it’s a double trouble considering how our special Pakistani/Indian spices are not available in all the areas. With changing time and busy lifestyle online grocery shopping is the best option to get the groceries delivered at home without any difficulty. This not only saves time but also reduces one’s burden. There are numerous option to get regular groceries online in Australia but to get our Pakistani/India brands it can be a bit of an exercise.

So here we are with shopping destination for people who seek the best shopping experience. It easily overshadows other supermarkets in comparison, not only due to its unique layout but also for its great range and diversity of products and the most competitive prices for similar products anywhere else in Australia.

Dukan Online is here to make your Desi (Pakistani) grocery shopping stress-free. We bring you the comfort to shop for all your Pakistani/Indian spices and all Pakistani/India brands. We are here to help you make Australia your home with the authentic products of our Pakistani/Indian supermarket.

Experience a convenient and trouble free mode of online shopping in Australia. Dukan Online takes personal preferences into a whole new territory by introducing a wide-ranging variety of top-class brands within easy reach. We strive to make sure that the best collections of different brands as well as all type of Pakistani/ Indian grocery goods are brought onto your computer screen.

We are one of the biggest online Pakistani/Indian grocery supermarkets in Australia. We currently operate from Sydney. However, we delivery all over Australia. With a wide offering of a range of products online, you will find products from the best to the freshest all here at Dukan Online.

The store is continuously expanding to include more brands and variety. To maintain our product quality all products are imported. At Dukan Online shopping is not a chore but rather an enjoyable experience that comes with diversity, quality, discounted prices and convenience of everything you need and want. 

Our aim is to provide our community the comfort to do monthly grocery shopping online and get your grocery delivered to your doorstep. We are here to save your time to drive all the way in traffic to far off shops and the hassle to run to multiple stores for one specific spice as we have everything under one Pakistani/Indian groceries online store which is one click away. We are here to cater the need of a working or a homemaker individual so that they can utilize their time in a better way and not spend it going around for errands. Shopping at Dukan Online saves you from long ques at the checkout to pay, no parking hassles as you hunt for a parking space and no negotiating the in-store crowds if you have to shop at peak times. Shopping online means that you save spending on gas and parking charges. You can shop with us 24/7 anytime anywhere. We understand how busy life can get and taking out time to run for errands can be really difficult. While you are on your way to school, work or on your couch browse through our products and shop.

Our goal is to make your life easier and efficient. Check our virtual aisles and help yourself with the best price offering and some great bargains. Be it Shan masala, spicy Pakistani/Indian snacks, pulses, beverages, ready to eat Pakistani/Indian curry or dairy products you name it, Dukan Online has it covered for you. Just log on to Dukan Online, pick your favourite products, add to cart, check out and we will take care of the rest.

Our payment method is all secured and we are big on privacy all your personal details are secured. Personal details are only used for shipping and payment method. Contact details are collected as provided by you from time to time. We do not individually save usable credit card information.

When a record is required, we trust credit cards to our payment access and save only the last few numbers and expiry date of your credit card that too solely for purposes of identity validation and forewarning of expiry. You can update or correct the personal information regarding your payment card or your shipping address. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Visa Electron, Paypal.