There are a plethora of different flours used in making flatbreads and cakes that go beyond the two mentioned. Some of the flour brands Dukan Online is offering are Aashirvaad, Rajdhani, Patanjali atta and Pillsbury Atta. So now you can pick from a range of flour available to suit your needs. To cater the needs of every household we offer a variety of packaging ranging from 1kg packs to economical bulk packages of 5 kg and so on.

All those delicious bread, biscuits, cookies and cakes are the result of an art called: baking. This art turns flour into different kinds of food. Flour — finely grounded wheat or other grains lends structure to baked edibles, but different baked delicacies are the result of different structural supports. It’s all about choosing the right flour for the right task and you're on your way toward baking success. Choose the wrong flour and you're in for a disaster.

Protein content is the basic differentiator in flours. High-protein wheat varieties are classed as "hard wheat." Low-protein wheats are "soft wheat." In other words more the protein equals more gluten equals more strength. And more strength means more volume and a chewier consistency.

Doughs knead from high-protein flours are both more elastic (more stretchable) and more extensible (hold their form well) — necessary qualities in bread and many other yeasted products where a firm structure is vital, but detrimental in pastries and cakes, where the goal is flakiness or tenderness. There is a broad range of food made from different wheat flours. Wheat-based bread flour is different than cake flour. Some types of flour are perfect for baking bread, whereas other are for baking cakes, yet others for thickening soups or to get a fibre rich diet. The different types of flour such as whole grain, whole wheat flour, multigrain etc. 

Whereas, Atta flour is a whole-grain wheat flour is significant in Indian and Pakistani cuisine, used for a variety of breads such as roti and chapatti. It is usually stone-ground to coarse granules, to give it a texture which is not easily found in other flatbreads. In Indo-Pak sub-continent, the use of flour made from wheat is essential to the cuisine. There is a broad range of food made from different wheat flours. The two primary distinctions between them are maida and atta. It may be easier to understand that white refined flour versus whole wheat flour (Atta: whole grain flour, whereas maida: white flour).

Basically, Atta is healthier than maida and used primarily to make Roti, a must have in Indian/Pakistani cuisine - but that does not exclude maida from being used to make some pretty spectacular flatbread. It is typically used to make naan and parathas.