Buy Haldiram, Britannia, Ahmed Snacks


Snacks also known as the small meals taken between regular meals and boy who doesn’t miss those traditional snacks from one’s home country. We at Dukan Online truly understand the nostalgia and craving for those spicy crisps, sweet and sour namkeen and that specific desi biscuits, cake rusk and those killer rusk for breakfast. And the cravings are an absolute killer. Gone are the days when you had to bring a bag filled with your favourite snack from your home country. As you can buy them online now at our website. As Dukan Online has created a special Snacks category and have arranged to stock a good assortment of Indian and Pakistani snack brands. We all know how delicious Haldiram bhakarwadi and Haldiram alu bhujia are just the names make you drool. But that’s not all, we also have Britannia’s biscuits, Ahmed snacks, Bake Parlour products and a lot more products from Haldiram.

We have been working on our inventories and we are happy to announce that we have a wide variety of all different range of snacks which includes biscuits, chips, nimkos, chocolates, lollies, desi snacks such as gol gappa etc. You don’t have to look anywhere else now just search for your favorited one in our search bar and fulfil your midnight nostalgic craving. 

We understand how most of these brands are not readily available under one roof and we are here to help you. Now you can easily buy Pakistani/Indian snacks online. Those desi chips are also on our stock list. We are working day and night to add many more to our list. Keep watching this space for more updates. Begin the browsing and start buying all those delicious snacks that your taste buds have been deprived off. We also offer discounts on bulk buy, weekly discounts. Keep yourself updated with our bargain price and shop away from the comfort of your couch.