Buy Basmati Rice Online in Australia

Pakistani rice dishes are the most common and favourite dishes in most regions of Pakistan as well as India and Bangladesh. Pakistan is also major exporter and consumer of rice. In Pakistani and Indian dishes mostly Basmati rice are used for cooking, and rice dishes are often eaten mixed along with other dishes. Plain cooked rice are usually eaten with dal curry or other types of different curries. Khichdi is also a rice based dish which is cooked with dal.

Whereas, Biryani is cooked with any type of meat and is one of the most eaten rice dishes. So that you can fulfil you daily craving of rice with the best quality, we at Dukan Online have been working to proud our community with the best. And we are proud to say we at Dukan Online offer you a wide variety of aged rice for you to buy rice online.

We currently carry selected top Basmati Rice and Sela rice brands available in Australia. Our Top 2 brands are India Gate (7-8 different varieties) and Taj (3-4 different types). Other brands are being sourced and will be added to our stock soon. Keep watching this space for the updates. To cater the needs of every household we offer variety of packaging ranging from 1kg packs to economical bulk packages of 5 kg and so on.

To make all these rice based dishes it is very important to have the high quality rice otherwise no matter how delicious your recipe is the rice wont taste as good. The rice used for cooking in Indian and Pakistani cooking comes in many forms, shapes and colours, but most important factor to classify them is the length of the grain. Long-grain rice contains the highly valued basmati, considered the queen of rice. Which are available in white and brown.

Within basmati there are numerous grades, containing a less-expensive one called broken basmati; as it’s self-explanatory, it is chipped and often used as an economical “everyday rice.”

On the other hand is aged rice, which has a special significance. Especially at the Pakistan/Indian market. As the name says, the rice endures a process of development that ranges between 1½ to 3 years. Which results in is a less-starchy grain that’s much more fragrant than the younger grains. Therefore, aged rice is extremely valued and used at celebrations and in dishes like Biryani and Pulao.