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Pickle is called ‘Achar’ in Urdu, there is a vast variety of achar in Pakistan and Indian cuisine. It is made from fruits or vegetables, and it can be prepared in different tastes: sweet, spicy, or sour dependent on the flavors and seasonings used. A little bit of gingery pickle can help balance the taste in a spicy curry, whereas, as a sour one can serve as an appetizer. An achar can also be served with allu ka paratha (potato bread). No matter how they're served, achar is intended to enhance a dish and add new dimensions of flavour. Pakistani/Indian pickle is very different from the pickles common in the United States, these Pakistani/Indian pickles are made with oil.

The extraordinary concentrations of salt and preserving spices like turmeric keep the achar safe to eat for long periods of time. By tradition, usually, the elderly woman of the families in Pakistan / India make achar during the summer to serve with meals for the entire year. On the other hand, Chutney is a word derived from the Hindi word chaṭnī, meaning to lick. It is a sauce or a dry base for a sauce in Pakistani/ Indian cuisines which can include such forms as mint chutney, imli chutney etc. tomato relish, a ground peanut garnish or a yogurt, cucumber, and mint dip.

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A Pakistani/Indian meal is incomplete without a good helping of tangy chutney and a touch of spicy pickle on the side. Delicately spiced, these condiments range in taste, texture, and colour to suit every palate, be it hot, sour, salty or sweet. Basically, we understand the importance of our traditional Pakistani/Indian pickle as well as chutney. And it is very close to our hearts as well as favourites of our taste buds.