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Chai, or the strange yet wonderful concoction of black tea, sugar, and milk, is as desi as it gets. In Pakistan and India tea has been used since ancient times as an ayurvedic medicinal drink but not as a hot social daily drink – the idea of drinking sugar, boiled leaves, water, and milk together was unheard of until the British educated Indians on the tea that we know today. After Independence, however, the two giant tea companies Lipton and Brooke Bond began to represent tea as a pure Desi product. So the next time you drink a cup of sweet Chai, remember, its origins are as Indian as speaking English Hinglish or eating Kedgeree!

Dukan Online has a remarkable assortment of vast variety of Pakistani and India tea. Our virtual aisle are all filled with all different types of tea leaves. To meet the discerning taste of Australian Desis with brands like Lipton, Yassin, Tapal, Wagh Bakri, masala tea and Dawn. We know how important Chai is for us desi, we at Dukan Online have taken special care of your need for chai craving.

Desi Chai has steadily getting famous among the masses from past years. As you can find chai latte on most of the popular cafes like Star Bucks. But we desi knows how badly they fail at making that chai latte. From its recent starter to popular coffee houses, also due to its strong taste and demand for tea with the increasing number of population from Pakistan and Indian region. The Desi community is no strangers to this chai consumption. It is an essential part of our routine to drink Chai regularly throughout the day, be it an authentic Indian Kadak chai, or an herbal infusion. Begin your tea shopping and enjoy that perfect cuppa!

A perfect cup of tea without sugar might not be a cup of tea for some of you. We have taken care of that as well. We are also offering all different type of sugar such as white sugar, brown sugar, refined sugar. Be it for baking or for to add it to your tea we have your sugar sorted for you. Providing our community with the best quality of sugar with all the varieties available for you to pick from. Browse through our virtual aisle to begin your monthly shopping online. We also offer different packing to cater your needs ranging from 1kg to 5kg and so on. 

Jaggery Cubes 500Gm Taaza
Chai Shai Black Lemongrass
Chai Shai Cardamom Chai
Chai Shai Ginger Chai
Chai Shai Masala Chai
Jaggery Cubes Taaza 1 kg
Lipton Yellow Label 475 Gm
Pishawari Qahwa 114Gm G/M
Punjabi Shakar 800Gm
Sugar Csr 25Kg
Sugar Raw 1 KG
Taaza Jaggery Balls 1Kg
Taaza Jaggery Cubes 1Kg
Tapal Danedar 385Gm Pouch
Tapal Danedar Pouch 900g
Wagh Bakri Tea 500Gm Pouch
Wagh Bakri Tea jar 1kg