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Dal is the term used in the Indo-Pak subcontinent for dried, split lentils such as pulses, peas, and beans. The outer hull is typically removed, dal that has not been hulled is defined as chilka (skin), for example the chilka urad dal, mung dal chilka in Urdu. The term dal is often compared with the term gram, used in the Indian subcontinent for lentils that are whole rather than split. Most importantly one dish with which Indians and Pakistanis share an umbilical-like connect, it has to be humble. Dal is simple and yet the most delicious food option in Pakistani cuisine. Dals can also include vegetables, even meat.

Ranging from the most basic (the simple tadka dal) the decadent (the extraordinary smoky dal makhani). Warming, comforting, creamy, and super easy to make, lentil stew is one of the most ate dishes. Most common dals or lentils are black masoor, Tur, Urad, Moong, and Chana.

At Dukan Online we offer a range of different brands such as Katoomba, J&k, Uttam etc. All different type is dal are available as well as beans such as Rajma/kidney beans. Making it easier and a delightful experience to buy dal/lentils online with easy access to searching for all the different kinds of dal. To cater the needs of every household we offer a variety of packaging ranging from 1kg packs to economical bulk packages of 5 kg and so on.

Lentils are usually cooked like soups or stew form. These lentils are amongst the most significant primary foods in Pakistan and India. Dal is often eaten with bread known as roti, chapattis, and rice. Dal has high nutritional value as well as they are high in protein compared to other plants. Dal is also a good alternative to meat to meet the daily protein intake in our food. As they are a good low-fat source of protein, minerals (for example iron and zinc) and B-vitamins such as folate. Lentils such as kidney beans, broad beans, pulse, and chickpeas are a healthy choice of food for us as they help reducing cholesterol due to high fiber content, prevent heart disease, is also beneficial for type 2 diabetes and contribute to healthy bones and teeth. They are also found to be good for people who are gluten intolerant and is an amazing alternative for vegans to add flavor to their food intake. Recent research shows that lentils increase the feeling of fullness by 31 percent, which results in lower food intake and aids in weight loss. And cherry at the top it lentil are delicious in taste.